Nepal: 13 Years After Civil War Ends, Victims Await Justice


The Nepalese civil war, which ended after a peace deal was brokered between the government and Maoist insurgents in 2006, left over 17,000 people dead. About 1,530 people went missing and more than 8,000 were injured or suffered physical disabilities.

The former rebels have led or formed part of the government in Kathmandu on several occasions. Despite the peace deal and promise to investigate war crimes — extrajudicial killings, torture, and sexual violence — not a single perpetrator has been punished.

The government in 2015 set up two commissions — the Commission of Investigations on Enforced Disappearance Persons and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission — to probe into human rights violations committed during the war.

Despite receiving over 60,000 complaints of human rights violations from victims’ families and survivors, the commissions have so far failed to prosecute anyone.

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Anadolu Agency