Nepal: Panel Set to Publicize List of TJ Bodies Candidates This Week


Despite strong warnings from key stakeholders and conflict victims against recommending past commissioners and controversial individuals to the transitional justice (TJ) bodies, the committee formed to recommend commissioners for the bodies is set to make public its nominees this week.

Conflict victims and human rights organizations have threatened to stay away from the TJ process if the ongoing recommendation is not stopped and a consultative and transparent process is not started to pick the commissioners.

Also, a member of the five-member recommendation committee has threatened to keep away from the recommendation process if there is political interference in the recommendation process or universally established human rights standards are compromised.

“If we are not allowed to work in a free and independent manner or established standards are compromised, then I may back away from the decision-making process,” said Prakash Wasti, a member of the committee. Wasti represents the National Human Rights Commission in the committee.

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