Nuevo Candidato al Centro de Memoria Histórica, Sin Acogida


Civil society and victims’ groups, as well as members of the communities affected by the armed conflict in Colombia, sent a letter to the government rejecting the naming of Rubén Darío Acevedo Carmona as the director of the National Center for Historical Memory (CNMH), the entity charged with recovering documentary evidence related to the conflict.

The signatories of the letter were concerned that Acevedo does not recognize the existence of an armed conflict. They would prefer the government to choose a new director of the CNMH who is objective and impartial, and who has worked directly with communities and victims’ groups. In an interview, Acevedo claimed that even though the 2011 Ley de Víctimas described the past violence in Colombia as an armed conflict, that verdict was not necessarily the official truth.

Acevedo is not the first candidate to be rejected for the role. Two other candidates also had their nominations blocked. Mario Javier Pacheco was rejected because of his views about the CNMH, and Vicente Torrijos withdrew his application because of inconsistencies in his academic record.

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