NY Rep Presses Army to Rename Streets Honoring Confederate Generals


A New York congresswoman is vowing to fight the Army after it told her it will not rename two streets at a New York City base that are currently named after Confederate generals.

The controversy centers on Stonewall Jackson Drive and General Lee Avenue in Brooklyn's Fort Hamilton. Both Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson spent time at the base in the 1840s prior to the start of the Civil War.

“These monuments are deeply offensive to the hundreds of thousands of Brooklyn residents and members of the armed forces stationed at Fort Hamilton whose ancestors Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson fought to hold in slavery,” Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-N.Y.) said in a Monday statement. “For too many years, the United States has refused to reckon with that history. I commend the city of New Orleans for initiating this important and often difficult work. I will continue to petition the Department of the Army to contribute to that effort.”

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