Omar Hassan al-Bashir Is Removed as Sudan’s President


According to Defense Minister Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn Auf, Sudan’s military has ousted President Omar al-Bashir, ending a 30-year authoritarian rule, in the face of mass street protests that have swept the country. He said that Mr. al-Bashir had been taken into custody and that the government had been dissolved. There will now be a two-year transition period.

Mr. al-Bashir, who has long been regarded as a pariah in the West and is wanted by the International Criminal Court on genocide charges in connection with atrocities in Darfur, has ruled Sudan longer than any leader since the country gained independence in 1956. He came to power in 1989 and is now 75 years old.

Some leaders of the demonstrations called for caution as they awaited the statement from the military. Those calling for Mr. al-Bashir’s ouster would not be satisfied if he were simply replaced by another general, said Sara Abdelgalil, a spokeswoman for the Sudanese Professionals Association, which is organizing the protests.

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