One Soldier to Face Charges over Bloody Sunday Killings


Only one former British paratrooper is to be charged in connection with the killings of civil rights demonstrators on Bloody Sunday, one of the darkest days of sectarian violence between Northern Ireland and the UK known as the Troubles. The decision drew dismay and calls for accountability from the families who lost loved ones more than 40 years ago. Northern Ireland’s Public Prosecution Service announced the decision after relatives of the 13 people who died on Bloody Sunday marched together through the streets of Derry, where the victims fell, as a symbol of their demand for justice.

Despite examining evidence in 19 cases, the Director of Public Prosecutions for Northern Ireland, Stephen Herron, said only one suspect would be charged. “In respect of the other 18 suspects, including 16 former soldiers and two alleged Official IRA members, it has been concluded that the available evidence is insufficient to provide a reasonable prospect of conviction,” he said.

The families said they were “devastated” and viewed the decision as a denial of justice.

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