Opposition Parties Fail to Reject Duque’s Objections to the JEP by One Vote


Defenders of the Colombia’s peace agreement have missed out on the absolute majority they needed to reject President Ivan Duque’s objections to the JEP’s statutory law by one vote. Forty-eight votes were needed to pass the motion presented by senators Iván Marulanda and Jesús Alberto Castilla, which would have rejected the objections to the law. However, the opposition only managed 47 votes, meaning the proposal will have to be voted on again.

Two senators, Ana María Castañeda and Maritza Martínez, who had been expected to vote to reject the objections to the JEP were absent during the vote. Speaking after the vote, Martínez confirmed that if she had been present she would have voted along party lines, rejecting the objections to the JEP. Her vote was never cast, but her bag was left on her seat, from which it was collected a few minutes later by a member of her team.

The failure of the opposition to secure an absolute majority represented a partial victory for the government, which will now intensify its efforts to push through Duque’s proposed changes.

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