Package of Bills Designed to Reform Armenia’s Judicial System Will Be Unveiled Soon for Public Hearings


A package of bills designed to reform Armenia’s judicial system will be unveiled soon for public hearings, Deputy Justice Minister Anna Vardapetyan told reporters on Thursday.  She said the government is working on systemic judicial reforms, both in the framework of short-term and long-term programs. According to her, the introduction of transitional justice is not late, because at first it was necessary to identify the challenges that took a year.

On May 20, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan told a televised cabinet meeting that, “courts in Armenia are the remnants of the former corrupt authorities and people have no trust in the judiciary and therefore it lacks legitimacy." A day earlier Pashinyan called on his supporters to rally outside Armenia’s court buildings and to block their entrances for “the start of the second and most important phase of the Armenian revolution."

In late May, Pashinyan demanded a vetting of all judges, including the disclosure of their political connections, property status, as well as their personal and professional qualities. He said those judges whose verdicts violated defendants’ rights and were overturned by the European Court of Human Rights, resulting in compensation that was to be paid by the government, need to be sacked. He also called for introduction of various transitional justice mechanisms and amendments to the constitution, if needed.

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Arka News Agency