The Painful Costs of Denying the Armenian Genocide


Evidence shows that up to 1.5 million Armenians were systematically massacred by the Ottoman Empire during its collapse. Ottoman forces shot, starved, maimed, worked to death, raped, burned, deported, and drowned Armenians en masse. Ottoman authorities destroyed or confiscated Armenian churches, homes, and cultural and other properties where Armenians had lived for 2,500 years.

The failure of Turkey and external actors like the United States to recognize the Armenian genocide has stunted progress for reconciliation and lasting peace between Armenians and Turkish people. Denying genocide undermines global resolve to prevent the recurrence of mass atrocities and achieve true justice in their aftermath. Only by recognizing and learning from history’s mistakes can humanity heal, build peace, and end the cycle of mass violence and tragedy.

Due to the absence of transitional justice between the Turkish government and the Armenian people, Armenians grow up living with the anxiety that their culture and existence are still threatened.

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