Peru sentences 16 former soldiers for 1985 massacre


A court in Peru sentenced 16 former soldiers for the 1985 massacre of 69 people in Ayacucho during the armed conflict with the Shining Path.

The sentences ranging from 10 to 25 years come after a six-year trial more than 30 years after two military patrols massacred the residents of the Accomarca village in the Vilcas Huaman province of Ayacucho, the central mountain state home to the Shining Path insurgency.

The soldiers’ commanding officer Telmo Hurtado was sentenced to 23 years in prison and his superior, General Wilfredo Mori, received 25 years. Three lieutenants were sentenced to 24 to 25 years and 11 soldiers were sentenced to 10 years. Six others were acquitted, including General Jose Williams. The judgment also includes punitive damages of $44,000 for each of the victims’ families.

“After a nearly six-year trial, we were hoping for a fair sentence. For the first time, military leaders of the stature of General Mori have been convicted for being the masterminds,” Landa told El Comercio after the tribunal’s 15-hour deliberation. “Justice has been done after many years.”

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