Reckoning with the Past: An Exhibition Documents Victims’ Narratives from the Nepalese Civil War


Over the course of a decade, thousands of Nepalese citizens, most of them poor ethnic minorities, faced  rape, torture, forced displacement, and death as victims in the bloody Nepalese Civil War. In early October, an NGO, Voices of Women Media, held an exhibition called “Memory, Truth and Justice,” in the Nepal Art Council featuring many of their stories. For Bikkil Sthapit and Pooja Pant, two of the people who were at the helm of the memory project, the stories of countless people who were terrorized by the Nepali Army and the Maoist insurgents ought to be told and retold. According to Pant, while exhibitions such as these cannot fill the glaring gaps left by an apathetic government, they do serve to dignify victims and survivors, and keep their memories alive. For many born in the last decade, the armed conflict is a relic of the past, but people’s stories show that the pain it caused is still an inextricable part of day to day life.

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