Rousseff expects to have a Truth Commission working by the end of 2011


Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff trusts a Truth Commission can be set up and working before the end of the year to investigate crimes and human rights abuses committed during the military dictatorship which extended from 1964 to 1985.

Among the many victims of the military regime is Ms Rousseff who as a student and alleged guerrilla supporter in the early seventies was tortured and jailed for two years.

The announcement was done by Justice Minister Jose Eduardo Cardozo who added that “it will be a victory not for the government but for the people” to have a bill passed by Congress creating a commission on the years of the dictatorship, never accomplished before in Brazil”.

Last Thursday, March 31st, was the 47th anniversary of the military coup that ousted constitutional president Joao Goulart and for the first time the Army ordered its generals to avoid any mention or statements celebrating the date which was erased from the official Brazilian Armed Forces calendar of commemorations.

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