Rwanda: Over 15,000 Genocide Victims Reburied in Karongi


Yesterday remains of over 15,000 victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi were given a decent burial at a new memorial near Gatwaro Stadium in Karongi District.

The remains were previously buried in mass graves which were deemed inappropriate. After being gathered in the stadium following a long tiring journey (of up to 20 kilometres) many had made, the Tutsi were first starved, water pipes were cut to block supply before they were killed, according to survivor accounts.

The atrocities at this stadium were ordered by Clement Kayishema on April 18 1994, the former prefect of what was then known as Kibuye Prefecture. Kayishema was tried and convicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, a UN court, and died in 2016 from a prison in Mali, where he was serving life sentence.

Issac Habarugira, representative of Genocide survivors in Karongi District, said that, "We were previously anguished by the fact that our parents and relatives killed during the Genocide were not buried decently. We are happy that they are interred in a place where we will be paying homage to them on a regular basis.”

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