Sarajevo Police Commander Charged with War Crimes


The state prosecution on Thursday charged the four former police officers with war crimes, alleging they were responsible for the murders of eight Yugoslav People’s Army soldiers who were captured after their military vehicle broke down in Sarajevo in April 1992.

“After that, the prisoners were taken to the Great Park, near the police headquarters building in the centre of Sarajevo, where they were killed with a burst of gunfire,” the indictment alleges.

Dragan Vikic, the wartime commander of Bosnian interior ministry special police units, was charged alongside former policemen Jusuf Pusina, Nermin Uzunovic and Mladen Covcic.

Uzunovic and Covcic are accused in taking part in the shooting, while Vikic and Pusina “were informed about the crime or personally witnessed it, then failed to arrest, prosecute and sanction the perpetrators”, the prosecution said.

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