Serbia Still Making Slow Progress on War Crimes: Report


A new report by the Belgrade-based Humanitarian Law Centre, published on Wednesday, said there has been no progress this year so far in the implementation of Serbia’s national strategy for the prosecution of war crimes.

The report, which covers the period from the start of December 2018 to the beginning of July this year, found that there has not been an increased number of indictments compared to the number of investigations, that court cases continue to drag on for too long, and that fewer missing persons have been found.

It also highlighted the lack of progress in Serbia to improve attitudes towards the issue of war crimes trials.

A report published by the Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor’s Office in December 2018 showed that over the previous two years, prosecutors mainly focused on smaller-scale crimes that were not committed by high-ranking officials, contrary to what the Belgrade authorities had promised the EU.

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