Serbian Ministry Again Defends Privacy of Wanted War Criminal


The Serbian Interior Ministry has refused to reveal if there is an international arrest warrant for former Serbian Army officer Rajko Kozlina, who never appeared to serve his 15-year sentence for war crimes in Kosovo. The First Basic Court in Belgrade issued a warrant for Kozlina’s arrest in June this year.

In a written response, the ministry expressed that releasing the information would, “violate the right to privacy of the person.” They also claimed that there is no public interest in providing the information. Sources have stated that Kozlina fled the country after the verdict was issued. Rodoljub Sabic, a Belgrade-based lawyer and Serbia’s former Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection, said that the ministry’s refusal to give information “raises suspicion that the wanted person did cross the border after all and that information is being hidden about something which was not supposed to happen and for which someone should bear the responsibility.”

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