Sudan - Fresh accusations of war crimes levelled against Bashir’s regime


International rights group Amnesty International (AI) has levelled fresh allegations of war crimes, crimes against humanity and contravention of treaties outlawing the use of chemical weapons against the Sudanese government.

The group investigated events in the Jebel Marra region in Central Darfur, and estimates that between 200 and 250 people, many or mostly children, died due to exposure to weaponised chemical agents between January and September this year.

AI published the report on Thursday, September 29, but had sent it to the Sudanese authorities for a response on September 15 and received a reply from Minister of Justice Awad Hassan Elnour.

Predictably, Mr Elnour denied the allegations of chemical weapons use: “Concerning the use of chemical weapons by SAF (Sudanese Armed Forces), we were very astonished to hear this accusation. It is the first time for us to get knowledge of such allegation which implicates a heinous humanitarian crime. It takes no effort to categorically repudiate such an assumption”.

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