Sudan Military Admits It Ordered Brutal Crackdown on Protesters


Sudan's ruling military council has, for the first time, admitted it ordered the dispersal of a sit-in in capital Khartoum, which left 61 dead, as diplomats from the United States and African nations step up efforts for a solution to the country's political crisis.

"We ordered the commanders to come up with a plan to disperse this sit-in. They made a plan and implemented it ... but we regret that some mistakes happened," the Transitional Military Council (TMC) spokesman Shams al-Din Kabashi said on Thursday. He said the findings of an investigation into the incident would be released on Saturday.

Protesters had staged the weekslong sit-in outside the army headquarters in Khartoum following the overthrowing of long-time leader Omar al-Bashir in April. Sudan's pro-democracy protesters continued their agitation, demanding that the TMC, which took over from al-Bashir, hand power to a civilian-led transitional body.

Kabashi's comments came after protesters, who had staged a nationwide civil disobedience movement to demand civilian rule, agreed on Tuesday to end the campaign and resume talks with the generals.

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Al Jazeera