Sudan Transition: Will Protesters and Military Reach Agreement?


It took nearly four months of vigorous street protests across Sudan to trigger an army takeover that ended Omar al-Bashir's 30-year authoritarian rule. But it took the same protesters a mere 24 hours to remove al-Bashir's replacement. General Ahmed Awad Ibn Auf named Lieutenant General Abdelfattah al-Burhan to head the country's ruling military council, making him Sudan's third leader in as many days.

The departure of Ibn Auf, a close aide of al-Bashir, set off a wave of celebrations in Khartoum, including among the thousands who had defied a military-imposed curfew to keep converging outside a huge complex housing the army headquarters and the president's residence. In his first televised address to the nation, al-Burhan appeared to strike a more conciliatory tone. The night-time curfew would be ended with immediate effect, he declared, vowing to "uproot the regime" and release the jailed protesters.

The pledges were cautiously welcomed by protesters seeking credible reforms, including the rapid opening of political space and the inclusion of broadly supported civilian figures in the transitional administration.

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