Sudanese Doctors Say Dozens of People Raped During Sit-in Attack


Doctors believe paramilitaries carried out more than 70 rapes during an attack on a protest camp in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, a week ago. Additionally, more than 100 people were killed and as many as 700 injured in the attack last Monday on a sit-in and clashes afterwards, as paramilitaries from the Rapid Support Forces spread through the city to quell sporadic unrest.

Many victims have not sought medical treatment, either because of fear of reprisals, insecurity in the city, or because care has been limited. The crisis in Sudan continued on Monday, with the second day of a general strike aimed at relaunching an opposition movement battered by a brutal crackdown that forced the country’s military leaders to resign.

The military took power after ousting the then president, Omar al-Bashir, in April after months of mass rallies. Sudan’s military leaders have refused to make any concessions since the start of the strike, blaming the country’s protest movement for what they describe as a major threat to the nation and its security.

The ruling council has since refused demonstrators’ demands for an immediate move to civilian rule, instead pushing for a transitional power-sharing arrangement. Talks between the opposition and the council ground to a halt last month then collapsed altogether after the raid on the protest camp.

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