Sudan's Hamdok Reinstated as PM After Political Agreement Signed


A political agreement has been signed in Sudan enabling Aballa Hamdok to be reinstated as prime minister to restore the transition to civilian rule. The 14-point deal also provides for the release of all political prisoners detained during the coup and stipulates that a 2019 constitutional declaration be the basis for a political transition. 

"We will continue to work towards preserving the transitional period until all your dreams of democracy, peace and justice are achieved," top general al-Burhan said after Hamdok's reinstatement. 

The agreement comes just days after doctors said at least 15 people were killed by live fire during anti-coup demonstrations. Ahead of the meeting between al-Burhan and Hamdok, thousands of protesters marched towards the presidential palace shouting chants against al-Burhan. 

Kholood Khair of Insight Strategy Partners said, "The streets have not been happy and these people continue to show their dismay at any sort of power-sharing agreement between the civilians and the military." 

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