Taiwan Aborigines' Message to Xi: 'Taiwan is Not Part of China'


On Tuesday, representatives of the Presidential Office's Indigenous Historical Justice and Transitional Justice Committee issued a joint statement entitled "Taiwan's Indigenous Peoples’ Message to Chairman Xi Jinping of China." The statement was a response to a speech given by Xi Jinping commemorating the 40th anniversary of a policy message from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) entitled “Message to Compatriots in Taiwan.” During the speech, Xi insisted that Taiwan "must and will be" united with China based on the "1992 consensus" under the "one China principle."

According to the statement, the Aboriginal people have lived in Taiwan for more than 6,000 years, and they are not ethnic minorities of the Chinese nation. The representatives argue that Xi Jinping’s promotion of single cultural values, unity, and power are neither great nor desirable, while calling for him to stop threatening the people of Taiwan with force, and to “strive for the enjoyment of human rights and freedoms by Chinese people.”

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