Taliban Broke Promises on Rights: Outgoing Afghan Envoy to UN


The Taliban has already broken its promises to safeguard women and protect human rights, and the international community must hold it to account, says Nasir Ahmad Andisha, the outgoing government’s ambassador to the United Nations.

He accused the Taliban of “widespread atrocities” in the Panjshir Valley, the last part of the country to hold out against the group, and said it was conducting targeted killings and extrajudicial executions, including of young boys.

The Taliban’s appointment of a new interim government “undermines Afghanistan’s national unity political and social diversity,” he said.

The cabinet is made up entirely of men and overwhelmingly members of the Pashtun ethnic group that forms the Taliban’s main base of support but accounts for less than half of Afghanistan’s population.

The Taliban has denied carrying out abuses in Panjshir. It says it is supporting women’s rights within a Muslim context, and that the new interim government will consult the population on an inclusive future permanent system.

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