Taliban Says Afghans Who Worked for Foreign Forces Will Be Safe


Taliban says people who worked for foreign forces in Afghanistan will be safe as long as they show “remorse” and should not leave the war-ravaged country.

“They shall not be in any danger on our part… None should currently desert the country,” a statement released by the armed group said on Monday.

“The Islamic Emirate would like to inform all the above people that they should show remorse for their past actions and must not engage in such activities in the future that amount to treason against Islam and the country.”

The statement came as the United States and NATO forces are continuing to pull out, after US President Joe Biden set September 11 as the deadline to end Washington’s 20-year military involvement in the country.

Thousands of Afghans worked with the international forces in the past 20 years as interpreters, security guards, and helpers in other capacities. They fear retaliation from the Taliban once the foreign forces have left. Many have applied for special visas to leave the country.

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