Ten Years After a Devastating Earthquake, Some Haitians Say They're Losing Hope


Ten years ago a massive earthquake struck Haiti, transforming capital city Port-au-Prince into a nightmare in seconds. The devastating force of the 7.0 quake on January 12, 2010, split the country's history into a before, and an after. Before had been a long, tangled history of dictatorship, occupation and resistance, shot through with the pride of a slave revolution that defeated Napoleon Bonaparte's army. After was unimaginable  a blank slate.

International donors pledged millions, which eventually tallied up to more than $10 billion for reconstruction. But a decade later, Haitians are now disillusioned and have far less hope for their country than they did in the gory aftermath of the earthquake. The country is crippled by hunger, inflation and fuel shortages, and claims of corruption have fueled mistrust as what Haiti's government has done with the funds it had at its disposal is also a cause for complaint for many citizens.

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