Tigray Forces Withdraw from Neighboring Ethiopian Regions - Spokesman


Tigrayan forces fighting the central government have withdrawn from neighboring regions in Ethiopia's north, a Tigrayan spokesman Getachew Reda said, a step towards a possible ceasefire after major territorial gains by the Ethiopian military. 

On Twitter, Getachew added that the Tigray People's Liberation Front hoped the pullout would induce the international community to put pressure on the governments of Ethiopia and neighboring Eritrea, allies in the conflict, to cease military operations in Tigray. 

"We trust that out bold act of withdrawal will be a decisive opening for peace," TPLF head Debtretsion Gebremichael wrote in a letter to the United Nations outlining the TPLF's demands. 

"If we do see a movement of Tigrayan forces back into Tigray, that is something we would welcome. It's something we've called for and we hope it opens the door to broader diplomacy," Price said. 

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