Trial on Operation Condor Resumes In Italy


The Condor process against 32 persons involved in the murder or disappearance of 23 Italians during the military dictatorships, begins tomorrow its second session, a month after the first view.

At the hearing conducted by Judge Evelina Canale is provided The constitution of the parties involved, as well as the presentation of evidence and the list of the witnesses who will be involved in the process.

The prosecutor Giancarlo Capaldo, who has spent over a decade inquiring on the murders and disappearances, will be responsible for carrying out the charges against the 11 former members of the Chilean military junta, one from Bolivia, four from Peru, and 16 from Uruguay.

Of the total of 32, 12 are imprisoned due to similar processes carried out in their countries, while most of the defendants declined to appear at sessions in Italy either in person or via videoconference.

Only the Uruguayan Jorge Nestor Troccoli presented at the first hearing, lives in this European nation as of 2007, when he tried to flee from justice in his country.

The military dictatorships in Latin America in the 1970s and the 1980s conducted the Operation Condor, during which it is estimated that some 50,000 people were murdered, 30,000 went missing, and 400,000 were imprisoned.

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