TRRC Prepares for Hearings


Commissioners and senior staff of the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) in The Gambia held a three-day working meeting to prepare for the start of hearings on January 7th 2019. During the meeting the commission’s legal team, in collaboration with the Research and Investigations Unit, guided commissioners on the development of rules of procedure for the TRRC. A number of subsidiary committees were also established, namely a Human Rights Violations Committee, Amnesty Committee, Reparations Committee, Child Protection and Sexual and Gender-based Violence Committee, and Reconciliation Committee. Each committee will meet at least once before January 7th to develop specific terms of reference in line with the provisions of the TRRC Act. An outline of a 12-month work-plan for the Commission is being drafted, eventually indicating the number of possible hearings to be conducted during 2019 and the specific areas of focus for these hearings. It will include a number of projected outreach activities for the year 2019.

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