Tunisia: Victims of Former Regimes Demand Compensation


Dozens of victims of the tyranny of two previous regimes in Tunisia staged a protest to demand compensation from the authorities, Anadolu has reported. The protest was organized by NGOs the National Committee of Victims of Tyranny and the National Alliance to Complete the Path of Transitional Justice in the capital Tunis.

“The protest is against the government's refusal to complete the transitional justice process and settle the victims’ issue,” explained Abdel Hamid Al-Trudi, a spokesman for the committee. “The protesters represent different groups of victims who were subjected to the oppression of previous regimes. They are the families of those who were wounded and martyred during the 2011 revolution, victims of terrorist attack; the General Committee of Bizerte Battle Militants, and those affected by the 1984 bread riots and the 2008 Revolt in Gafsa Mining Basin.”

He pointed out that the victims have been waiting patiently for a long time and expect a positive response from the presidency. “The authorities need to take serious moves to implement the compensation resolutions and activate the work of the Karama Fund, which was approved in 2018 by the state.”

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