UK and France to Blame for Chaos in Libya, Says Presidential Hopeful


Fathi Bashagha, a former interior minister, who narrowly failed to become prime minister of an interim Libyan government in a UN process in February, said the UK had a special duty to come to Libya’s aid given David Cameron’s role in the country’s 2011 regime change.

Libya is due to hold a general election on 24 December, the 70th anniversary of its declaration of independence, but there are attempts to delay the polls. Bashagha, who hopes to be elected president, said the West should stand up and support the holding of fair and free elections.

Bashagha added: “I think that, in fact, Europe is morally and legally responsible for everything that’s happened as of 2011, and especially the UK and France, because this international mobilization took place at the initiative of these two countries.”

Libya has been riven by civil war since France, the UK, and the US intervened to help end Gaddafi’s four-decade rule in an intervention that Barack Obama described in a 2016 interview as a “shit show.” Obama went on to lament that Cameron, the British prime minister at the time, had become distracted from the job of Libya’s reconstruction “by a range of other things.”

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