UN’s Bachelet Rejects Sri Lankan Official’s ‘Spin’ on Human Rights Council Encounter, Urges Reforms


In a statement issued one week after the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) passed a resolution giving Sri Lanka another two years to deliver reforms originally agreed in 2015, High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet dismissed a newspaper story that claimed she “admitted that certain facts incorporated in the UNHRC report against Sri Lanka could not be condoned whatsoever.”

The article also quoted a claim by Governor Dr. Suren Raghaven, a member of the Sri Lankan government delegation, that the High Commissioner had advised two of her senior officials who attended the meeting “to be more responsible and cautious hereafter.” Ms. Bachelet reaffirmed that neither of the claims are true. 

Other news outlets in Sri Lanka continue to “significantly misrepresent” the Human Rights Council process in Geneva, Ms. Bachelet added, noting that the country report had been shared with the Sri Lankan authorities before publication, as is normal practice.

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