UN Envoy Says Ex-FARC fighters in Colombia Being Killed


The United Nations envoy for Colombia called on Wednesday for improved protection for former combatants who continue to be killed “in alarming numbers,” and he complained of rising violence and massacres by other groups that have cropped up since the 2016 peace accord.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ latest report to the council, circulated last week, announced that a U.N. political mission in Colombia has verified that there have been 19 killings of ex-FARC combatants, in a three month period that ended in September 25. This brings the total number of killings this year to 50. “Despite continued attacks and stigmatization against them, the vast majority of those who laid down their weapons remain engaged in the reintegration process, with nearly a third of them having received funding for productive projects through mechanisms created by the peace agreement,” Guterres explained.

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