UN Raises Alarm Over Rohingya Camps in Burma


A top United Nations envoy has raised the alarm over "appalling conditions" in west Myanmar displacement camps, which hold thousands of Rohingya Muslims made homeless in communal unrest two years ago.
Some 140,000 people, mainly the stateless Rohingya, are trapped in miserable camps in Rakhine state following violence between Buddhists and Muslims in 2012 that left around 200 dead.
"In Rakhine, I witnessed a level of human suffering in (displacement) camps that I have personally never seen before, with men, women, and children living in appalling conditions with severe restrictions on their freedom of movement, both in camps and isolated villages," said assistant secretary general Kyung-Wha Kang.
The UN official, who visited Myanmar last week, said many people had "wholly inadequate access to basic services including health, education, water and sanitation", in a statement released in Myanmar on Wednesday.

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