Venezuela Crisis: Dozens Injured in Clashes in Caracas


A woman was shot dead and at least 46 people have been injured in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas in clashes between opposition supporters and pro-government forces. The military fired tear gas and water cannon amid rival demonstrations. Opposition leader Juan Guaidó called for those responsible for the death of the 27-year-old woman to be found.

In a video, Guaidó urged Venezuelans to take to the streets, appearing alongside another opposition leader, Leopoldo López, who had been under house arrest after being found guilty of inciting violence during protests in 2014. Spain's government later said that Mr. López and his family had sought safety in their embassy, although he has not claimed political asylum.

Guaidó has urged protesters to stay on the streets until Maduro's government is finally forced to resign. He has also asked public workers to join in, which will be difficult as, for years, state employees have been told that if they do not publicly support the government, they will lose their jobs.

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