Victims Demand Justice 25 Years After El Salvador Signed Peace


On Jan. 16, 1992 guerrilla rebels and the government of El Salvador ended over a decade of internal conflict.

El Salvador marks Monday 25 years since the signing of the peace accords ending 12 years of civil war that left 75,000 people killed and 8,000 disappeared, one of the darkest periods of the Central American nation.

Speaking at an event celebrating the anniversary, President Salvador Sanchez Ceren, a former guerrilla leader during the civil war, announced a plan for 2017 to launch a "second generation of the accords" and called on Salvadorans to continue to "cultivate and defend" peace with hopes of moving the country forward from a bloody past.

The event, attended by victims' organizations and regional authorities, commemorated the signing of the historic accords while acknowledging challenges El Salvador faces in realizing the full promise of peace. Relatives of those killed or disappeared during the civil planned to present to the government in writing a demand for justice for those who suffered brutal abuses and murder at the hands of the U.S.-back Salvadoran military.

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