Volkswagen to Pay Compensation for Collaborating with Brazil’s Dictatorship


A Brazilian government-appointed investigation found that Volkswagen was one of several corporations that secretly collaborated with the 1964-1985 military government to identify suspected “subversives” and trade unionists. The investigation found that workers were considered “enemies of the state.” They were fired, arrested, or harassed by the police, and subsequently blacklisted for decades.  

The compensation payments have been agreed between the company and federal, state, and labor law prosecutors. Some involved in the investigation are disappointed in the deal. They state that the deal “whitewashed” the extent of Volkswagen’s cooperation with Brazil’s military regime. The deal also does not include a memorial to targeted workers, which had been proposed originally. Others have argued that it is the best possible outcome under Brazil’s far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro.

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The Guardian