Warning of Famine, UN Releases $100M to Seven Countries


The United Nations humanitarian office is releasing $100 million in emergency funding to seven countries at risk of famine in Africa and the Middle East amid conflict and the COVID-19 pandemic, while the humanitarian chief says returning to a world where famines are common would be “obscene.”

In a statement made overnight, it said that 80 million of the money will go to Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Congo, Nigeria, South Sudan, and Yemen. The remainder of the 20 million is set aside for “anticipatory action to fight hunger in Ethiopia,” with conflict erupting this month in the rebellious northern Tigray region. “Without immediate action, famine could be a reality in the coming months in parts of Burkina Faso, northeast Nigeria, South Sudan, and Yemen. This would be the first time famine has been declared since 2017 in parts of South Sudan,” the statement said.

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