Zhongzheng Road Count Expected to End by September


The Transitional Justice Commission of the Republic of China plans to complete its survey of roads named Zhongzheng, a name adopted by Chiang Kai-shek, by September. It wants to establish the number of roads nationwide with names that symbolize the nation’s authoritarian past, as well as the history behind the names.

The survey is being conducted in accordance with the Act on Promoting Transitional Justice, which establishes the illegality of symbolism commemorating the authoritarian period in public spaces and requires such symbols to be removed. The government does not have complete records on the renamed roads, so the commission said it asked outside experts for assistance. The commission last year began a survey of national parks to determine the number and location of statues of Chiang, and the road survey is a continuation of those efforts.

The authoritarian-era Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) government credited Chiang as the “savior of the Chinese race” and renamed numerous roads Zhongzheng as a way of having his name regularly spoken by the public.

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