Gambia: 'Engage, Consult Women in Reform Process' - DPs Gassama


The Deputy Permanent Secretary Ministry of Women's Affairs, Binta Gassama, has said that it is absolutely necessary for Gambian women to be actively engaged and consulted in the reform process of the new Gambia. This, she went on will ensure that the needs of women and girls are understood and the structural inequalities affecting women and girls is addressed; that most importantly it will ensure that the ongoing and planned mechanisms, will lead to a transformative change for women and the societies they help rebuild.

DPS Gassama was speaking yesterday, while opening a days' forum organized by the West African Network for Peace Building (WANEP), on the theme "Women's Role in the Reform Process".

The aim of the forum is to capitalize on the transition, period being a strategic opportunity to adopt legislative and policy measures to eliminate discrimination against women.

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