Regulations of the Photo Contest “The War As I See It”, October - November 2015

Article 1 - Organization

On the occasion of the commemoration of the 25-year anniversary of the official end of the civil war in Lebanon, the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ), in collaboration with the Embassy of Switzerland in Lebanon, the Embassy of France in Lebanon, the French Institute in Lebanon, the French Institute for the Near-East and the Political Science Institute at Saint-Joseph University, referred to below as “the organizers,” is organizing a photo contest around the theme: “THE WAR AS I SEE IT.”

Participation in the contest is free and is open to all Lebanese residents, excluding the personnel of the organizing parties (ICTJ, the Embassy of Switzerland in Lebanon, the Embassy of France in Lebanon, the French Institute in Lebanon, the French Institute for the Near-East and the Political Science Institute at Saint-Joseph University).

Participation in this contest implies full and undisputed acceptance of the present regulations.

Article 2 – Subject of the contest

The theme of the contest is the Lebanese civil war; participants must address the theme, “THE WAR AS I SEE IT.” They should capture a photo of an object, landscape, portrait or site that represents the civil war as they see it.

Participants must send their photo via e-mail to the following address:

Article 3 – Process

  • From October 23 to November 30, 2015: submission of photographs via e-mail.
  • During the month of December: Deliberation of the jury and selection of the three winners. The three winning photographs will be published on the websites and Facebook pages of the organizers.

Article 4: Prizes

Nikon School Lebanon will offer photography courses for the three winners.

Article 5 – Conditions for participation

Each participant is only allowed to submit one photograph in the contest. The photograph, the essential purpose of the contest, will be referred to as the "artwork." During his/her inscription, the participant must make sure that all information concerning his/her coordinates is accurate. Any untruthful declaration by a participant will lead to his/her exclusion from the contest and non-attribution of the prize they could have eventually won.

Article 6 – Copyright cession of the photograph

The participant shall present a sworn statement indicating that he/she is the author of the submitted photograph. The participant shall guarantee that the submitted photograph is original, unpublished, and that only he/she holds copyrights for this photograph. Therefore, the participant is responsible for the authorization of any third party that has directly or indirectly participated in the realization of the photograph and/or deems to have any right to take credit for it, and the participant bears the charges of all eventual arising costs and payments.

The participant, laureate of the contest or not, cedes to the organizers the totality of the rights related to the photograph, without financial compensation, such as rights of reproduction, presentation, edition of the artwork, to illustrate their acts of communication, on national and international levels, through different media: websites, multimedia animation, exposition, paper edition (free or with cost diffusion), press release, or advertising campaign, or any other form of communication.

The organizers shall make sure that they mention the name of the photographer every time they utilize the artwork.

Article 7 – Procedures and modalities of attribution of the relevant gains

The jury, consisting of professionals (photographers and organizers), will hold a meeting in early December to designate and select three photographs that match the pre-defined conditions. The criteria of selection are:

  • The quality of the photos: framing, originality, light handling, esthetics, etc.
  • Originality of the photos
  • Adherence to the theme

The winners will be informed via e-mail starting in mid-December.

Article 9 – Force Majeure

In case of force majeure or if circumstances so require, organizers reserve the right to modify the present regulations, to postpone, modify or cancel the contest. They will not be held responsible for these modifications.

Article 20 – Regulations

Participating in the contest means pure and simple acceptance of the present regulations in its entirety. The regulations are available on the websites of the organizers.