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Conference Closes With An Eye to the Future

The conference "Selection or Prioritization as a Strategy for Prosecuting International Crimes Cases?" took place August 24 with more than 150 participants from Colombia and around the world, including experts in transitional justice in the former Yugoslavia, Guatemala, Argentina, Germany, and Colombia, among others.

A Call to Trust in State Institutions

After an intense day of exchange between academics, international organizations, and representatives from countries that have used transitional justice processes, Sergio Jaramillo, high counselor for security, Diego López Medina, professor at Los Andes University, and ICTJ’s Paul Seils presented. ICTJ’s María Camila Moreno moderated the session.

Argentina, surpassing expectations with a growing capacity

The panel on selection and prioritization in the prosecutions of international crimes in Guatemala and Argentina was presented by Lisandro Pellegrini, advisor to the Procuración General in Argentina, and María José Ortiz, legal officer with the CICIG in Guatemala.

Understanding Patterns of Abuse

The second morning session consisted of three presentations on various aspects of prosecution strategies for international crimes.