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It happened again. George Floyd’s name is now added to the tragic list—already far too long—of other people of color whose lives have been cut short as a direct result of the United States’ long history of racism and white supremacy. We at ICTJ are outraged by the cruel and senseless murder of an unarmed Black man by police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As we try to process this horrific act and grieve the tragic loss of another human life, we must also grapple with the hard truth that it is frankly unsurprising that this list of names continues to grow.


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday previewed imminent action by the Trump administration aimed at countering the International Criminal Court’s investigation of alleged war crimes committed by U.S. personnel in Afghanistan.

Pompeo asserted the ICC had “become corrupted” and was attempting to target the “young men and women of the United States of America who fought so hard … under the rule of law in the most civilized nation in the world.”


The US has accused Russia of sending warplanes to Libya to support the warlord Gen Khalifa Haftar.

Washington’s Africa Command said Moscow may be seeking to capture bases on Libya’s coast, creating a long-term security threat on Europe’s southern flank.


The United States on Friday stunned other members of the UN Security Council by preventing a vote on a resolution for a ceasefire in various conflicts around the world to help troubled nations better fight the coronavirus pandemic, diplomats said.

“The United States cannot support the current draft,” the country’s delegation declared, without further detail, to the 14 other Security Council members, after nearly two months of difficult negotiation over the text.


An American mercenary, Luke Denman, captured after a bungled attempt to topple Nicolás Maduro has claimed he was on a mission to seize control of Venezuela’s main airport in order to abduct its leader – and he alleged that he was acting under the command of Donald Trump.

“I thought I was helping Venezuelans take back control of their country,” Denman added.

In Washington, the U.S. secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, raised eyebrows by saying there was no “direct” U.S. government involvement in the strange raid.


Sudan has appointed its first ambassador to the United States, the first such envoy in more than 20 years.

Authorities in both countries had agreed to improve ties following the fall of longtime President Omar al-Bashir, who was overthrown by the military in April last year in the wake of mass protests seeking civilian rule.


NEW YORK, August 19, 2019—The International Center for Transitional Justice announces the addition of two distinguished members to its Board of Directors. Ellen Taus and Brad Smith bring to ICTJ decades of experience in leadership roles at major global institutions.

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In the United States, the debate over a national reparations program for slavery and Jim Crow has until now encountered political opposition. However, transitional justice approaches at the community level are increasingly surfacing to address racial injustice. A handful of 2020 presidential candidates have come out in support of reparations for slavery. Recently, Georgetown University took center stage in this debate when its student body voted in favor of a student-led initiative to establish a fee that will fund education and health care programs for the descendants of 272 enslaved persons sold by the university in 1838.


From February 22 to March 1, ICTJ held its annual retreat in Litchfield Hills, Connecticut. Staff members convened at the Wisdom House—an interfaith conference center that seeks to provide an environment conducive to introspection and teambuilding.