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US Senators have introduced a bipartisan bill in a bid to investigate war crimes in Syria, including the creation of a “hybrid tribunal” among other measures. The move comes following the US strike on a Syrian airfield.


In today’s United States, civic trust that has been systematically eroded among many communities of color. There is little basis, either historically or in the current political atmosphere, for African Americans and other minorities to have this essential trust in government institutions, particularly in the police. To build that relationship, there must first be a reckoning, writes ICTJ President David Tolbert.


To mark 15 years of ICTJ, we asked staff past and present for the memories that stand out from their work. Former ICTJ consultant and Executive Director of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Greensboro, North Carolina Jill Williams reflects on her efforts to bridge a cultural gap in the pursuit of shared values.


A recurring demand by the United States that Cambodia repay $500m in "war debt" has prompted fury in the Southeast Asian nation.


On Friday, survivors of one of Colombia's most brutal right-wing paramilitary leaders will testify against him in a Washington, D.C. court during his sentencing hearing on drug trafficking charges.


In a sign that President Trump’s criticism of the news media may be having a ripple effect overseas, a government spokesman in Cambodia has cited the American leader in threatening to shutter foreign news outlets, including some that receive money from Washington.


Colombia’s ambassador to the United States on Thursday urged US Congress to support the “Peace Colombia” aid package pledged last year by former President Barack Obama.


Detentions of undocumented migrants seen as culmination of big shift in the US policy since January 25 executive order.


Recently, hundreds of refugees have crossed the US border into Manitoba, braving snow and cold at great peril.


Donald Trump has used his first TV interview as president to say he believes torture “absolutely” works and that the US should “fight fire with fire.”

Speaking to ABC News, Trump said he would defer to the defence secretary, James Mattis, and CIA director, Mike Pompeo, to determine what can and cannot be done legally to combat the spread of terrorism.

But asked about the efficacy of tactics such as waterboarding, Trump said: “absolutely I feel it works.”