National Prosecutions


The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) on Wednesday dismissed charges against Im Chaem, a Buddhist nun suspected of playing a role in the Khmer Rouge regime. The judges in the case said they lacked jurisdiction to decide Im Chaem's case as she was "neither a senior leader nor ... one of the ... officials of the Khmer Rouge regime." The full reasons for dismissal will be filed at a later date.


A Philippines senator and staunch critic of President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs has been arrested by law enforcement agents after charges were filed in court alleging that she received money from drug dealers inside the country's prisons.


Bahraini police have arrested 20 people in a crackdown on Shiite villages, as legislators approved a constitutional amendment that could see civilians tried in military courts in the Sunni-ruled kingdom.


For the first time, a former member of Ugandan rebel group Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) has appeared in an Ugandan court.

Led by the Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony, the rebel group has committed human-rights violations against civilians for nearly three decades, abducted tens of thousands of children for use as soldiers and sexual slaves, and killed and maimed people across Uganda, the Congo, South Sudan, and the Central African Republic (CAR).


On Friday, Argentina's former army chief was arrested on charges related to the kidnapping and torture of three people during the so-called "Dirty War" in which a military dictatorship unleashed vicious attacks on thousands of dissidents.

Retired General Cesar Milani, who was head of the Argentine military from 2012 to 2015, was arrested in the northern province of La Rioja as part of Federal Judge Daniel Herrera's investigation into the 1977 kidnapping and torture of

At the time, Milani was a junior officer at the 141st Battalion in La Rioja.


Kosovo Prime Minister Isa Mustafa said that the new Hague-based court being set up to try former Kosovo Liberation Army fighters will not damage the legacy of the 1998-99 conflict.


Editors and executives at independent and opposition media have been arrested for "spreading false information."


Activists speak of discrimination and abuse by police, as protests continue after rape of black man in Paris suburb.


Detentions of undocumented migrants seen as culmination of big shift in the US policy since January 25 executive order.


A Philippines court granted protection on Friday to families of five people killed or wounded by police and the right to access police case reports, in the first successful legal challenge to President Rodrigo Duterte's deadly crackdown on drugs.