National Prosecutions


MPs and civil society actors have appealed to Government to expedite the formulation of a policy on transitional justice to promote judicial and non-judicial measures in addressing the past human rights violations in northern Uganda.


A Chilean coalition member said forced disappearances were a memory from Chile’s dark past under Pinochet at a meeting with human rights observers in Mexico.


An Egyptian court has thrown out charges against former President Hosni Mubarak, his interior minister and six aides over the killing of protesters during the 2011 uprising against him.


Cambodia's UN-backed court Monday adjourned the genocide trial of two ex-Khmer Rouge leaders until January 2015 after lawyers for one of the defendants continued to boycott proceedings.


The Bosnian state court on Friday confirmed the indictment of Savic, a former member of the Vogosca Light Infantry Brigade of the Bosnian Serb Army.

He is accused of violating international humanitarian law during the war by coercing another person into sexual intercourse – an offence defined as ‘rape by use of force and threat’.

The indictment alleges that Savic threatened a Bosniak woman and her child, and then raped the woman.

Bosnian prosecutor Vladimir Simovic asked for restraining measures on Savic’s liberty be extended.


A civil court in northern Shan State on Tuesday sentenced a Burmese government soldier to 13 years in prison for raping a minor.


At a regular review process, which all member states undergo, the US and UK envoys to the UNHRC urged Egypt to free political prisoners and investigate alleged abuses by security forces.


The Bosnian state prosecution on Friday charged Josip Relota, a former member of the Nikola Subic-Zrinski Brigade of the Croatian Defence Council, with killing three Bosniak civilians in a house in Busovaca and severely wounding one other person in January 1993.

“After having left the house, Relota threw a bomb through the window. The bomb exploded inside the house,” the prosecution said.

Relota, who lives in Busovaca, has not been remanded in custody, and has both Bosnian and Croatian citizenship.

The indictment has been sent to the state court for confirmation.


Police have arrested a 73-year-old man in Dunmurry, on the outskirts of Belfast, in connection with the murder of Jean McConville.


Three members of Guatemala’s now-defunct National Police will face a criminal trial for the assassination of an agent who was investigating the murder of anthropologist Myrna Mack in the 1990s, according to a source in the Guatemalan justice system.