Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement for the International Center for Transitional Justice

created on 7/1/2021

We are making every effort to ensure that the information available on the International Center for Transitional Justice web site is accessible to all. Our goal is to deliver a web experience that achieves “Level AA” conformance according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines v2.1 (WCAG 2.1).

To ensure a seamless user experience for all our users, our current efforts are focused on delivering digital experiences that will work for all users under all circumstances. This is a journey we will forever be committed to, as we value each visitor that takes the time to visit our website.

We are aware of some areas on the website where we could improve accessibility. We are currently working to achieve this with a third party auditing team, along with an outside source for user testing, and expect to have a final plan in place for audit and remediation by November 2021. Once this plan is formed, we will work quickly and efficiently on any remaining issues that may arise from this exploration. We appreciate you being patient with us as we get this Website up to the proper WCAG 2.1, AA standards.

Going forward, we will ensure that all new information on the website will achieve Level AA conformance to the WCAG 2.1 guidelines.

Contact Us With Findings and Improvements
Should you have any issues with, please contact us and we will get back to you shortly to make sure your needs are served. It would be helpful if you can be as specific as possible when describing the information you seek or the problem you encountered. We will ensure that the proper steps are taken so that the problem is not encountered again in the future.

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We are always open to suggestions for improvement. Thank you for supporting the International Center for Transitional Justice.