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We work side by side with victims to obtain acknowledgment and redress for massive human rights violations, hold those responsible to account, reform and build democratic institutions, and prevent the recurrence of violence or repression.

A New ICTJ Paper Calls for a Victim-Centered Accountability in Ukraine

ICTJ releases a new briefing paper, “Reflections on Victim-Centered Accountability in Ukraine.” The paper examines the various actions that have been taken or are under consideration to i...

Accountability in Yemen Requires a Comprehensive Transitional Justice Process

This past February, Yemen marked 12 years since the 2011 uprising against corruption, poverty, unemployment, and then-President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s increasingly autocratic rule. Peaceful...

Controlling the Narrative: An Afghan Human Rights Expert Describes the Taliban’s Stranglehold on the Media

The International Federation of Journalists recently characterized Afghanistan as the single most dangerous country in the world for journalists and other media workers. Since the Taliban...

A New Animated Film Explores the Trauma and Resilience of Families of the Disappeared in Syria

New York, December 19, 2022—ICTJ and the Bridges of Truth project are thrilled to launch Tomorrow We Continue, a new short animated documentary that follows a young mother of two whose hu...

New Report Offers Lessons from Truth Commissions Around the World to Confront Racial Injustice in the United States

New York, December 14, 2022—The United States has never officially confronted its history of colonialism, slavery, and racism in an effort to reform the systems that perpetuate harms to B...
Women kneel on the floor participating in a communications building workshop, one woman holds a microphone out to another woman so she can speak.

Side by Side with Victims

ICTJ provides advice, support, and technical assistance to victims, members of civil society, and state and international actors committed to justice. In the fast-changing world, ICTJ is continually evolving and adapting its methodology to develop innovative solutions to emerging problems, advance its mission, and achieve justice for victims of human rights violations.

ICTJ employs 57 international permanent staff from diverse professional backgrounds.
Over 80% of our partners reported improved ability to pursue justice.
ICTJ convened about 4,000 participants in at least 200 capacity building activities.
Helped more than 1000 victims and citizens participate in over 70 convenings with policymakers.
ICTJ contributed significantly to at least 20 policies to address and repair legacies of massive abuses.
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