In Focus

Program Officer


Angkar, screened on June 16 at the New York Human Rights Watch Film Festival, follows Khonsaly, a victim of the Khmer Rouge, on his journey to the village he fled almost 30 years ago.

Program Associate, Lebanon


Life continues to stand still for the many families of the missing and disappeared in Lebanon. The Lebanese War ended 28 years ago, but for these families the war rages on. A recent legislative breakthrough, however, might finally pave the way for Lebanon to confront this legacy. 


The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development establishes an ambitious set of goals and targets, the achievement of which will be a formidable challenge for any country struggling with poverty and inequality. This challenge increases dramatically for countries currently experiencing or emerging from violent conflict. 

Special Coordinator, Syria


ICTJ sits down with Syria Expert Nousha Kabawat to pause and reflect on the progress made so far in building capacity, raising awareness, and initiating high-level dialogue to address what remains a perilous situation.