Criminal Justice


¿Por qué hay que aplicar medidas de justicia transicional después de violaciones de los derechos humanos masivas?

As we mark July 17, designated International Justice Day by the states parties of the International Criminal Court (ICC) just over two years ago, we should not limit our focus to the work of the court or criminal justice as such.

"العدالة أساسية للإعتراف بالضحايا كمواطنين. ليس على المواطنين الذين يعيشون بكرامة أن يتوسلوا للحصول على حقوقهم، فهي حقٌ لهم."


The two goals of peace and justice, rather than being exclusive, are mutually reinforcing. When justice is ignored, the danger of violence recurring remains high.


Este documental narra la funesta toma del Palacio de Justicia de Colombia por parte de un comando de la guerrilla del M-19 en 1985


This documentary captures the inconceivable story of the siege of Colombia’s Palace of Justice by M-19 guerilla movement in 1985.


ICTJ's President, as well as several ICTJ directors, speak about the critical need to address former injustices in order to prevent future conflicts.


Four Haitians then stepped forward and brought a second case against him for crimes against humanity. Duvalier led Haiti from 1971-1986, leaving the country after a popular uprising accused him of brutality and misuse of government power.