Truth and Memory

Disappearances, killings, torture, displacement, and repression. The repercussions of these terrible crimes are felt long after they are committed. Yet, politicians are often reluctant to carry out the difficult work of uncovering the truth about past atrocities, claiming that the society cares only about the future. But in reality, the burden of a past filled with human rights violations weighs heavily on societies, and in particular on youth.


In this episode of the ICTJ Forum, the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Libya, Ian Martin, speaks with us about the relationship between truth-seeking and peace negotiations in the context of Nepal as well as the MENA region.


On February 25, 1999, Guatemala’s Historical Clarification Commission published its final report. At the time, it went largely unnoticed by the international community, as compared to the South African TRC final report, published only a few months earlier. Today, on its 15th anniversary, we discuss why this report has become known as one of the most innovative and influential truth commission reports.


El 25 de febrero se cumple el decimoquinto aniversario de la presentación del informe final de la Comisión para el Esclarecimiento Histórico de Guatemala (CEH), un informe que quizás haya pasado más bien desapercibido, pero que fue en realidad muy innovador e influyente para las comisiones de la verdad creadas posteriormente, sobre todo en América Latina.


Concluimos nuestra serie especial de podcasts sobre comisiones de la verdad y procesos de paz en América Latina hablando de Colombia, que actualmente está debatiendo la posibilidad de crear una comisión de la verdad como parte de las medidas de justicia transicional que se están aplicando en el país, y asimismo se está debatiendo en las conversaciones de paz entre el Gobierno y las FARC.


In the latest episode of the ICTJ Forum, Professor and former Kenya TJRC Commissioner Ron Slye shares insights on truth commissions, accountability, and peace processes.