• Terrorist Dissidents Threaten to Undermine Peace Process in Colombia


    Two Ecuadorean journalists and their driver being held hostage were killed by their captors on April 12. The team was out on an assignment along the Colombia-Ecuador border when they were kidnapped on March 26 by a dissident faction of the recently demobilized FARC terrorist group, known in English as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia—People’s Army.

    In order to secure the journalists’ release, the captors placed outrageous demands on Ecuador, including the release of FARC combatants and Ecuador’s promise to cease all counter narcotics cooperation with Colombia.

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  • UN Security Council Concerned over Increased Violence in Colombia


    The United Nations Security Council expressed concern for continued insecurity in Colombia on Thursday and called on the national government to assume territorial control.

    The Security Council said so in a statement after mission chief Jean Arnault informed the international body of progress in an ongoing peace process with Marxist FARC guerrillas.

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  • Ecuador Pulls Support for Talks Between Colombia, ELN, New Venue Sought


    Ecuador will not be a guarantor country at peace talks between the Colombian government and ELN rebels as long as the guerrillas wage attacks, Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno said on April 18th.

    The sometimes-fraught, 14-month-long talks between Colombia and the National Liberation Army (ELN), a group founded in 1964 by radical Catholic priests, resumed in Quito last month after a six-week pause marked by deaths on both sides. Their first ceasefire ended in January.

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  • How Santos is Trying to Save Colombia’s Peace Process


    On April 17th, President Juan Manuel Santos issued a number of emergency decrees to prevent the collapse of Colombia’s peace process and curb a surge in violence.

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  • FARC vs. DEA: What’s Next?


    All eyes are on Colombia’s transitional justice system after the country’s chief prosecutor ordered the arrest of a political leader of demobilized FARC guerrillas on drug trafficking charges.

    The Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP), the court in place as part of a peace process with the rebels, can decide to allow or block the extradition of “Jesus Santrich” to the United States.

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  • Soccer for Reconciliation: Peace Takes Over Timba Soccer Pitches in Cauca


    A female five-a-side tournament was held on 24 and 25 March 2018 in Timba, Cauca Department, and has found its way into the hearts of its participants.

    For the first time ever, former combatants, members from the police forces and women from the community participated in a joint sports activity. The event ended with a resounding victory, by a wide margin, for those who take a stake in Peace and Reconciliation.

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  • FARC Leader Arrested in Colombia at DEA's Request


    The Colombian government has arrested Jesus Santrich, a Congress member-elect representing the recently formed political party of FARC - Revolutionary Alternative Forces of the Commons - at the request of the United States Embassy in Colombia - accusing him of drug trafficking.

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  • Under Uribe, Colombia’s military killed more civilians than guerrillas: study


    Colombia’s military executed far more civilians than guerrillas when former President Alvaro Uribe led the country between 2002 and 2010, according to new study.

    According to former police colonel and sociologist Omar Rojas and historian Fabian Leonardo Benavides, the security forces executed approximately 10,000 civilians.

    The two researchers published their findings in the book “Extrajudicial Executions in Colombia, 2002-2010 – Blind Obedience in Fictitious Battlefields.”

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  • Secretary of Colombia war crimes tribunal resigns


    The secretary of the war crimes tribunal that is part of Colombia’s ongoing peace process resigned on Tuesday amid controversy over expenses and a request for classified information.

    Nestor Correa, the man who managed the resources and the budget of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) notified the transitional court of his decision, local media reported.

    Correa came under scrutiny after local media revealed he had rented vehicles for magistrates for the same amount that it would have cost to buy them.

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  • Rights groups decry murder of Maria Magdalena Cruz Rojas


    The Colombian social leader, known as an 'untiring fighter' for human rights, was killed last week at her home.

    Human rights groups have decried the killing of a Colombian farmer and social leader, who was reportedly murdered in front of her husband and son.

    Maria Magdalena Cruz Rojas was killed by two armed hooded individuals at her farm home on Friday evening, local media reported.

    She headed a governmental movement to grow alternatives to coca in Mapiripan, in the central region of Meta.

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